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Strategic management of the tax function is what your VP Tax or in-house Tax Director would be doing.  Companies hire an in-house tax function for a reason.  A strategic in-house tax function brings to the table many years of operational and technical experience which is essential for the organization’s risk management and cost of tax and tax compliance.  This function provides real-time advisory to management and the various business unites, combining the unique benefits of exceptional tax knowledge and deep understanding of the business and its needs and priorities.  The CPA firms cannot provide such white glove service as a dedicated in-house Tax Director would.


But like anything good in life, hiring an experienced strategic Tax Director is very costly.  And do you really need one on a full-time basis?


The solution I offer is cost-effective and yet provides you the talent you are after.  As your “in-house” Tax Director, I take the time to learn your business and develop relationships with the various business units and become available to them as a resource.  I take the time to learn the business objectives for the long term and the short term and provide real-time advice to management and the business units.  By being an integral part of the organization, working shoulder to shoulder with you and the entire finance organization, legal and the different business teams, the tax related costs and risks can be reduced.


As your “in-house” Tax Director I will be addressing many of the following issues, depending on your priorities:

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